About Us

Richard-Network is a Customer-To-Manufactory electronic business platform, adopting the C2M business model to bridge the gap between customer and manufacturer. Eliminating all the intermediate links, it connects the customer to independent designers and major manufacturers in order to supply the cost-effective and customized products to meet the customers’ needs. All the manufacturers cooperating with Richard-Network are currently serving the world-famous brands.
Richard-Network’s value to the customer: allowing everyone access to the high-quality products of big brands and personalized shopping life.
Richard-Network’s value to the manufacturer: using network technology and model to user into the era of industrialization 4.0. C2M model is a business activity that produces on demands, avoids waste and leads the society to develop sustainably and environment-friendly.
C2M model of Richard-Network has a vision to improve the efficiency of Chinese industry and world industry, strengthen their competitiveness. Its idea echoes the environmental-friendly and sustainable development strategy of modern industry.

Product Strength

Our team consists of a number of experienced and talented designers. They create the most unique and ingenious works to meet your individual demands.
Our flexible manufacture system guarantee the supreme product quality and low cost to benefit the customers.


Product Strength

Tremendous amount of images
1000 plus designers
1million images gallery


A Wide Variety

Clothes, shoes and hats, bags, home furnishing, outdoor sports, 3C periphery
1000 plus products are yet to be launched.


High Quality

Six steps to guarantee quality from design, sample, revision to confirmation, production and quality inspection.
Our suppliers are well-known clothes brands home and abroad including Lekani,Alikesitian,Youyiyin,Miduo, etc.


Low Cost

The annual output exceeds 1 million pieces.
The supply chain is optimized to the utmost.
We provide the qualified products with the lowest price.
The product quality stands the test of our customers.

Security Payment Method